About The Green East
In Raalte, we created a place where a circular agri- and food industry is being empowered by inspired entrepreneurs and their ambitious startups. We bring visionary souls together on a fully utilized 6-hectare site, to develop circular, sustainable products, applications, and supplements. We support startup companies by offering them our facilities: high-tech laboratories, cultivation rooms, a greenhouse and outdoor test fields. Partly because of this, experimental research can be translated into sustainable products and efficient processes at The Green East.

Core values of The Green East
We want to motivate and facilitate the transition to a circular agri and food industry;
Enable knowledge valorization through innovations that arise from partnerships, in which entrepreneurship, experimentation, research, demonstration, development and knowledge sharing are the starting point;
Multiple value creation, in which added value is created for multiple purposes (ecological, social and economic).

Our vision is; ‘Working together to grow in green development’. Various parties focused on a circular agri-food business contribute to this; both profit and non-profit organizations and other knowledge holders. The Green East fulfills a facilitating role here. Startups and researchers choose their own approach. Together, we are focused on developing a circular future for the agri-food industry.

Facilities at The Green East

  • Offices
  • Research spaces
  • Greenhouse
  • Growing rooms with LED technology (regular and sterile rooms)
  • Regular and sterile laboratory
  • Outdoor test field
  • Showroom for companies to display their circular initiatives

The basis for a circular future for the agri- and food business
The Green East was founded on the philosophy of creating a regional transition to a circular economy by renewing the agri- and food business. The Green East houses enthusiastic entrepreneurs who build the foundation for the future of the sector, by collaborating.

At The Green East, entrepreneurs and knowledge holders are all connected. We give these mutual connections entrepreneurial power. Join the future of green development! Contact us to see how we can work together towards a sustainable future for the agri- and food industry.

Our future goals
In September 2017, we started converting a former research location of the WUR (Wageningen University) into a multifunctional research and innovation center. On August 24, 2018, we officially opened our research site. The next phase of construction is on the agenda where we will focus on realizing a research site for the production of plant proteins and living and office spaces for startups.