Our offices provide you with the space to grow
flexibly as a start-up. Want to experience what
green surroundings can do for your productivity?
Then you’ve come to the right place at The Green East.

An afternoon stroll along the Varkenspad to enjoy the beautiful surroundings will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. It may even improve your productivity today. A green environment reduces stress, since nature has a calming effect. Green environments encourage people to meet with one another and today’s technology even allows us to work outside, weather permitting.

You can rent office spaces ranging from 12m2 to 120m2. This includes free parking, internet and WiFi, unlimited tea & coffee, a charging point for your electric car and an optional cleaning service.


You can take a beautiful midday walk on the Varkenspad on The Green East’s site. In addition, there are various routes for walking or running through nearby nature areas, ranging from 2.5 km to 6 km. We also have luxury shower facilities where you can freshen up. Want to get even fitter? Visit the tennis courts and gym that are just around the corner.


Twice a year, we hold a networking mixer for all the start-ups and scale-ups situated at The Green East. Our aim is to encourage cross-pollination between the companies that are based on our site, so they can strengthen one another.